Turkey to give 15 million free tablet PCs to students

According to press reports, the Turkish government is eyeing the production of 15 million tablet PCs which will be given to Turkish students free of charge.

The domestically produced PCs will cost an estimated 7.5 Billion USD and according to Minister of Science, Industrial and Technology – Nihat Ergun, the basic idea is to support domestic production and employment, which will in turn contribute to the Turkish economy.

Ergun said: “In order to support the domestic industry, we have expanded the scope of public tenders. From now on, the state will pay more attention to buying domestic products, and in line with this, the Ministry of Education will be a driving force behind the development of tablet PCs in Turkey.”

The Turkish government currently has plans to change the Turkish education system and bring in revolutionary changes such as: using advanced technology, electronic boards, and projectors to ensure a gradual change to e-textbook classes.

5 Responses to “Turkey to give 15 million free tablet PCs to students”
  1. salman noor says:

    I am student of b.com (computer science) so I need of a tablet so pls I requested u to send me the tablet

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