Turkey income per capita rises to 6th best in the world

According to the recent Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report, Turkey has risen to 6th place in the world of countries with the best income per capita.

The report lists Turkey as having an income per capita of over 10,000 USD for its 70 million population. The report lists that Turkey is now level with countries such as the United States, Germany, and Russia.

The Minister of Economics for Turkey, Mr Zafer Caglayan commented: “Having experienced an 8.9 percent overall growth rate in 2010, Turkey also enjoyed the highest per capita increase in the league of populous countries with high per capita income.”   

The Minister also went on to say Turkey owes the success this year to the strong economic performance Turkey had in 2010 with lots of growth and development. Caglayan also said about the increase: “2010 data also show that Turkey is second only to Japan in terms of industrial production increase”

The rise of Turkey in recent years has left European neighbouring countries trailing behind in economy. The Turkey economy is really strong at this moment in time and the Turkey property market for sale has investors desperate to invest in property in Turkey and share some of the rewards.

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