3 gold medals for Turkey in Mathematical Olympiad

At the 52nd annual International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2011 in Amsterdam, Turkey claimed three gold medals and sixth place overall.

Ufuk Kanat from the private Samanyolu Science High School, Mehmet Sönmez from the private Yamanlar High School and Efe Akengin from İstanbul High School took home gold medals for Turkey in the competition, while Polatkan Polat of Van Serhat High School and Yunus Emre Demirci of Erzurum Aziziye High School won silver medals closely missing out on the gold. Yiğit Yargıç, a student at İstanbul High School, received a bronze medal.

The World Championships Mathematics competition is held from July 16-24 for high school students and China took first place overall. To compete in the competition the competitors must not be older than 20 years old and must not have received any post-secondary education.  

Turkey has unveiled new plans for education reform to improve and the sixth place overall finish shows the Turkish education system is currently in a strong state and any further developments of that can only lead to good things for Turkey.


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