Turkish government to take a new approach in fight against terrorism

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan last week announced that after the terrorist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) attack in Silvan that killed 13 soldiers, the Turkish government is planning to introduce a new approach to fight terrorism.

At the forefront of the new approach is preventing new members from joining the PKK and helping those who no longer wish to be affiliated with the group, get back integrated into society – with the police force becoming an extensive part in the counterterrorism efforts.

The new role that the police force will play has not yet been specified, although it is rumoured that several police units will be deployed to rural parts of the East and Southeast to help assist in operations.

Development in Turkey has been widespread the last few years, and the development of the Police force is no different. Over the past few years the National Police Department has recruited a number of new personnel to its Special Ops Unit. Compared with two years ago, the department has grown from 5,000 personnel to 6,700 officers. This unit will be integral in counteracting terrorism – with plans in place to increase the number of officers in special operations to around 11,000 before the end of the year.

The new approach is set to make Turkey even more secure as a country and with the rumoured 2020 Istanbul Olympic bid being put in place – a secure Turkey will surely be a boost in the hopes for the nation to host the grandest sports competition in the world. Development in Turkey is currently growing rapidly, with property in Turkey booming, the Turkish economy putting the rest of Europe to shame, and the new plans for a more secure Turkey leading to a great future for the thriving country.

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