Survey finds that 77 percent of people in Turkey are happy with their lives

The 2011 Turkey Values Survey by Bahçeşehir University has found that 77 percent of people in Turkey are satisfied with their current lives.

A similar survey taken in 2001 showed that only 59 percent of people in Turkey were happy with their lives, the latest survey indicating a rise of 18 percent since 2001.

Asked for a reason why people in Turkey are happy, University President Dr. Yılmaz Esmer said: “Turkey’s economy has grown dramatically. For Turks, this was the greatest factor in being satisfied with life.”

Esmer also said that the results regarding the financial situation of the people of Turkey were extraordinary. When asked to rate the stability of the financial situation at home, 63 percent of people answered “adequate.” This is an increase from 2009 when only 47 percent gave the same response. With such a big rise in only two years it is clear to see that the economy of Turkey is leaving the Turkish people feeling very satisfied.

The stronger Turkish economy has steered developments in Turkey, which in turn has left people more prosperous than ever before and simply enjoying their lives a lot more now then how they did before. Turkey is a great place to be at right now.

3 Responses to “Survey finds that 77 percent of people in Turkey are happy with their lives”
  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for this post. The increase in numbers speaks volumes to the true happiness of the people. With such a beautiful landscape. I can see why people love living in Turkey.

    I would love to live in Turkey with my family. We keep Turkey on our short list. Is it true that computer and phones of expats are frequently confiscated by the govt? Its seems so outlandish, but sincerely would like a response.

    Thanks again for the website. I am learning lots!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Where did you hear that from? You will not get a computer or phone confiscated at all in Turkey.

      Turkey is known to be very favourable to expats living in Turkey. The property market in Turkey is currently booming like never before, there has never been a better time to move to Turkey. With the current strength of the Turkish economy against the weaker neighbouring countries using the Euro, lots of people are investing in Turkey at the moment and to maintain this, Turkey treats foreign investors very favourably.

      You might be surprised how cheap you can find property in Turkey at

      • Jennifer says:

        THe property is so attractive in Turkey, the prices are astounding. To be able to live in such a naturally beautiful place. We could never get that in the U.S.

        I heard the above disparaging remarks from an Expat Forum on Turkey. Blackberries were getting taken away, females were getting in trouble for holding hands with their boyfriends. Its sounded more like Saudi Arabia than Turkey. Maybe the point was to scare people off. Perhaps these individuals wanted all of Turky’s beauty to themselves!

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