Turkish police extra vigilant after fatal alcohol poisoning

Following a tip, Turkish police raided two warehouses and a factory in Antalya’s Döşemealtı district where they found 1,440 boxes of drinks including bootlegged Mr. Burdon whiskies, the kind that caused Russian deaths few months ago. Two people working at the facility were also taken into custody.

Among the items confiscated were thousands of boxes of empty alcohol bottles, fake labels, approximately 35,000 bottle lids and methyl alcohol used in bootleg drink production. The police also noted that the company was registered under the category of an agriculture pesticides trading company.

It would seem the police are acting fast to prevent a repeat of what happened in June when fourteen tourists were poisoned after consuming illegally manufactured alcohol during a yacht tour in Bodrum, five Russian tourists subsequently died.

This is not the first time Turkish police have seized a large quantity of bootlegged drinks, in the weeks following the mass poisoning the police made 22 arrests and seized thousands of bottles of bootleg liquor.


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