Mudanya Armistice House to be restored by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

A famous property in Turkey is to be restored so that it can continue to act as a renowned museum in Turkey.

The Mudanya Armistice House is well known in Turkey as it was the building in which Turkey signed the Mudanya Armistice with the Allied forces on 11 October 1922. Under the terms of the agreement, Eastern Thrace as far as the Maritsa River was ceded by Greece to Turkish sovereignty.

The building currently acts as a museum for people to view and witness the building where the historic agreement took place. In recent times the building has been deteriorating and the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has decided that they will restore the building back to its former greatness.

The restoration of such a prominent property in Turkish history will provide the Turkish people with an up to date museum to witness a moment where history was made.

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  1. […] According to the plans, the restoration should be complete by July 2012 and marks a sign of great investment in Turkey as it is the first ancient theatre to be restored in Turkey. Lately Turkey has been restoring a lot of historic buildings as Turkey invests in restoring. […]

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