Turks work longer than the rest of the EU

According to the results of Eurostat’s 2010 European Labour Force Survey, Turkey’s working hours are long compared to the EU and employment rate for those aged from 20 to 64 in Turkey is 50 percent.
The recent survey shows that Turkey’s employment rate is lower than European Union (EU) averages while working hours in the country are longer compared to the union.

The survey also indicates that employment rate for Turkish men are 72.7 percent, as rate of women in the same category is around 28 percent.

EU’s employment rate for persons aged between 20 & 64 is 68.6 percent, while such rate reaches 75.1 percent for men and 62.1 percent for women living in the union.

As for working hours of employees in full time regime, the number of hours worked per week for employees aged 15 years and over reaches 52.2 hours in Turkey. The EU average for such rate is 40.4 hours.

Eurostat says full-time employed men work for 53.3 hours per week, as women work for 48.4 hours in Turkey. EU averages are 41.1 hours and 39.3 hours for men and women respectively.


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