Authorities to increase Alcohol inspections

Following the recent deaths of four Russian tourists after consuming bootlegged drinks in Antalya, Several Turkish ministries and the country’s alcohol regulator are planning to increase inspection of the alcohol market.

Dozens of drinks have been taken into custody by police around Turkey in connection with contraband alcohol since the deaths earlier this month. The Russian tourists had been partying on a yacht in the southern province when they consumed the bootlegged alcohol.

“The Alcohol Action Plan” draft, the outcome of a joint study conducted by the newly founded Food, Agriculture and Husbandry Ministry, the Finance Ministry, the Culture and Tourism Ministry and the Health Ministry, consists of seven main items focusing on inspections and licensing.

  • The inspections on tax labels on bottles will intensify. The number of mobile inspection devices will be increased. The state will closely watch to see whether tax labels are being used on original products.
  • The Food, Agriculture and Husbandry Ministry will increase inspections on the content of the bottled alcohol products, including domestic and imported drinks. The ministry will especially focus on tourist destinations.
  • Police will work more closely with related institutions, particularly in sharing data and intelligence.
  • The Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Agency, or TAPDK, will not provide licenses and production permits for producers with past legal violations. Officials will also inspect applications for distribution permits more closely. Police will immediately inform the TAPDK of any violations.
  • The Food Ministry will inspect imported alcohol, checking samples at laboratories.
  • Specialty customs for alcohol imports will be founded.
  • The current Alcohol Inspection System, a taxing system limited to production, will be expanded to include end users.
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