Sample something different in Antalya

Antalya is known for its sunshine and sandy beaches but this time it also has something else to offer for lovers of ballet and opera are in for a treat.

The 18th Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival started last night at Antalya’s ancient theater of Aspendos. The event will host eight ballets and operas until July 2, including a much-anticipated performance from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

There will be an impressive performance of the “Medea Opera” by the Antalya State Opera and Ballet. “Medea,” one of the most interesting tales of the Greek Mythology, tells the story about the search for the Golden Fleece will make its premiere on June 13.

“Swan Lake,” one of the most performed ballets in the world, will also offer a great visual feast to the audience at the festival this year. Tchaikovsky’s famous work will be on stage on June 29.

The İzmir State Opera and Ballet Orchestra will accompany the ballet to be performed by a group composed of 100 artists from State Opera and Ballet Directorates in six Turkish cities.

Not to be missed if you are a ballet lover.



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