Istancool begins today

The international festival of culture, Istancool starts today and brings together the finest international cultural minds in the fields of art, design, fashion,film, music, literature and architecture.

In its second year, the festival will run from Friday to Sunday as a type of three-day cultural meeting program in the city. The event, which is organized in association with AnOther Magazine is a fascinating and unique cultural experience bringing together some of the world’s
most talented writers, designers, editors, actors, poets, filmmakers, dancers and musicians.

Festival organizers said they were committed to creating a dynamic arts diplomacy program in the world and forging greater cultural relations between Turkey and the international artistic community.

A number of international participants are expected at this year’s edition, including Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton and director Terry Gilliam, the producer of films like “Brazil,” “12 Monkeys” and “Fear and Nothing in Las Vegas”.

Also attending are Michael Stipe, the soloist of REM; Kirsten Dunst, who is known for her role in films like “Spider Man,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and Melancholia, for which she won the Best Actress Award at the 64th Cannes Film Festival last weekend.


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