Turks protest against Internet Filters

Turkey has always had a complicated relationship with the internet, authorities have always tried to find a balance between ‘protecting’
its citizens and censorship.

YouTube was blocked in 2007 after the posting of a video that was deemed insulting to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. The ban was lifted after more than two years when the content was removed from the Web site.

This time, the Information and Communications Technologies Authority (B.T.K) is asking Internet service providers to offer consumers four
choices for filtering the Internet that would limit access to many sites.

The new policy starting in August this year had protesters taking to the street in over thirty cities in Turkey. The protests organised through
Facebook saw thousands gather in Taksim Square chanting ‘’the Internet is ours and will remain ours!”

For many people in Turkey, having to select a filtering option is just another form of censorship. Already thousands of Web sites are blocked by the state, mostly without any publicized reason.

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