Insuring your Turkey Property

Insurance is always important because no one knows what will happen in future, when buying or moving into a new Turkey property, it is especially essential to insure the property as in Turkey the risk of earthquakes, landslides, forest fires and flooding are much higher.

In fact the Turkish government it requires all home owners to take out a compulsory basic insurance against the risk of earthquake damage.

We thought it a good idea to run through what you need to do to make sure you and your property are covered in case anything happens.

Types of Turkey Property Insurance

There are three main categories:

1. Buildings
2. Contents
3. DASK – Compulsory insurance required by the Turkish Government, more on that later.

It is important to list what you want to insure and its value, this is an important first step before you start looking for insurance quotes.

First, work out the value of your property for the insurer, this is the cost for rebuilding not the market value.


Determine and list the value of your contents:

  • Indoor Furniture: beds, cabinets, tables chairs and the kitchen
  • Electrical items. Make a list and separately identify the expensive items like TV’s, video cameras etc.
  • Curtains and soft furnishings: Bedding, clothing etc
  • Outdoor furniture: Patio furniture, sun beds

You can have other items covered, these include:

  • Passports, Credit cards
  • Cash
  • Mobile phones
  • Freezer cover due to breakdown or power cut
  • Bikes
  • Lost keys/Locks
  • Accidental Damage by tenants

Also don’t forget about public liability insurance, the cover required if someone on your property is injured or killed due to negligence or force of nature. Most policies offer a fixed sum of cover but check the limits.

And finally, the excess you are prepared to pay. This is the amount that you must pay for each and every claim.

These are all things to consider before insuring your Turkey property.


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