How to get a Turkish tax number

Turkish tax number, an equivalent of the UK’s NI number is a must have for anyone wanting to work in Turkey. Whether you are an Expat or a student looking for a summer job whiles on holiday, as soon as you start work, you will have to register for a tax number or Vergi Numerası.

The Turkish tax number is normally issued on a business card-size paper and applicants will have to go through the Turkish social insurance bureaucracy to get one. The process can be long winded but patience and a bit of Turkish will see you through.

Documents needed for the application are;

Photocopies of your passport

Residence permit

Work permit

To register for your tax number, head to your local Finance Department (Maliye), locate the Tax Department (Vergi Dairesi) and finally the Civil Test Service (Sivil Yoklama Servisi).

Civil Test Service clerks will ask you for a dilekçe (petition) which is a brief note (written in Turkish) that politely request government employees to assist you.

To complete your application, sign your dilekçe and get it signed by the Tax Manager´s Assistant (Vergi Müdür Yardımcısı).

You will then be issued a business card-size paper with your new tax number.


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  1. Jeff boot says:

    many thanks for the help it is much appreciated

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