Turkish Residence Permit Fees Slashed for UK Nationals

We hear the British Consulate in Turkey has confirmed that as of 1 April 2011 the residence permit fees for UK Nationals have been significantly reduced.

The decision to slash prices was reached after bilateral consular meetings with the Turkish authorities in December, the Turkish Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have now confirmed that they have agreed to the British Ambassador’s request to reduce the residence permit fees for British nationals.

The residence permit fees for UK nationals is now reduce to 60 Euros/$80/year from 1 April 2011, fees will be charged at $25 for the first month and $5/month for each subsequent month.

Can I get a refund?

It is unclear if refunds can be obtained by those who have already paid higher fees for a Turkish residence visa prior to 1 April 2011. Enquiring with the local authority is worth a try.

Despite the reduction in rates, the process of applying for the visa and the limits in place on income will still apply. So the amount of income Expats need to have as savings, pension income or other income remains the same, the equivalent of US$500 per month or around £4,000 a year.

The slashing of residence visas for Turkey will surely be a little extra incentive for all the foreign nationals in the UK who buy real estate in Turkey especially Fethiye property.

3 Responses to “Turkish Residence Permit Fees Slashed for UK Nationals”
  1. Colin Guest says:

    Hi there, This is great news especially as my residence permit expires in June.

    I have heard that one English couple were told by the Emniyet, when they went to renew their visa, that as they had a Tapu they had to go to England to renew their visas ???

    Has anyone else heard anything about this???????

  2. jenni says:

    i would like to tell everyone that the rates also went down for many other countries at the same time, not sure if all though, but sweden, finland, germany at least. i saw a price list onlinein turkish with about 100 country names.

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