Universal Health Insurance Policy for Expats put on hold

Bad news for Expats looking to take advantage of the Universal Health Insurance Policy; the Fethiye Times reports the medical health insurance policy for foreigners has been put on hold.

This has since been confirmed by the British Consulate in Turkey but they were unable to provide any explanation for the suspension of the Universal Health Insurance Policy for foreigners.

When it was first announced, the Universal Health Insurance Policy seemed like a dream solution for expats looking for affordable medical health care. But now that the Universal Health Insurance Policy has been put on hold, existing UHI members may have to pay the cost of private medical care for their existing medical conditions.

We will keep you posted with any new information regarding the situation and we would like to hear from any of our readers who have more information on the matter.


4 Responses to “Universal Health Insurance Policy for Expats put on hold”
  1. Colin Guest says:

    It is about time that this matter was sorted out, one minute ıt was going to be compulsery the next its voluntary.

    What is the latest re the possible new costs of residence permits.

  2. Here’s official confirmation from the British Consulate…
    ”New Health Scheme for Foreigners
    Ministry of Health officials have stated verbally that implementation of the proposed compulsory health scheme has now been postponed until December 2012. However, this decision has not been approved by the Turkish parliament and so formal confirmation of this delay in implementation is not yet forthcoming. We will publish on our website any further information we receive from the Turkish authorities.”

  3. I hope this situation gets sorted out soon, thank you for keeping us updated. I’ve just started my research into global expat health insurance, I am due to move abroad for work in three months and I’m only partially covered by employer health insurance package. I’ve heard that CIGNA Global, who are well established in North America, offer coverage that caters for expatriates: http://www.cignaglobal.com/

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