Getting around Istanbul

When in Istanbul, there are several ways to move around and explore the city, unless you are the kind of visitor who prefers to drive; in Istanbul, public transport is plentiful, there is Metro, tram, dolmuş, sea bus, ferry to name a few. Istanbul’s public transport in its own way also helps with the tourist … Continue reading

Antalya’s Sand Sculpture Festival starts on May 1

The fifth International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival will begin May 1 in the southern province. A total of 10,000 tons of sand would be used for the sculptures, with nearly 25 artists from 11 countries taking part. Sculptures to be displayed include “Batman,” “Matrix,” “Star Wars,” “Titanic,” and “E.T.” 160,000 people visited the festival in … Continue reading

New Kas marina to be unveiled

The long awaited opening of the new Kas Marina is almost upon us; this is not just great news for keen sailors but also for savvy Turkey property investors. The new marina will be the only full size marina along a very long stretch of Turkish Mediterranean coastline from Gocek all the way to Antalya … Continue reading

Insuring your Turkey Property

Insurance is always important because no one knows what will happen in future, when buying or moving into a new Turkey property, it is especially essential to insure the property as in Turkey the risk of earthquakes, landslides, forest fires and flooding are much higher. In fact the Turkish government it requires all home owners to … Continue reading

How to get a Turkish tax number

Turkish tax number, an equivalent of the UK’s NI number is a must have for anyone wanting to work in Turkey. Whether you are an Expat or a student looking for a summer job whiles on holiday, as soon as you start work, you will have to register for a tax number or Vergi Numerası. … Continue reading