Draft rape law sparks debate in Turkey

A new draft law increasing punishments for sexual crimes has sparked debate on whether chemical castration for repeat rape offenders is a violation of human rights.

Under the draft law, a first rape offense will be punished with a prison term, as is the case under the current law. If the offense is repeated then a chemical castration process would be started.

When the word “castration,” is mentioned, people think of physically removing all or part of the genitals but the measure for sex offenders will be a medical one consisting of hormone treatments.

Lawyers on the other hand argue that the proposed punishment is “unacceptable” even if the offender agrees to it, calling the practice a violation of “body integrity’’.

We would very much like to hear from our readers on this issue, do you think chemical castration is a viable punishment for repeat sex offenders or do you think Turkey will be going too far?


One Response to “Draft rape law sparks debate in Turkey”
  1. Colin Guest says:

    A chemical castration is too good for repeat rape offences. A medical castration would be a far more effective sentance.

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