Magnificent Century divides Turkish TV viewers

Popular Turkish soap opera Muhteşem Yüzyıl (The Magnificent Century) which recently hit the airwaves has increased the number of domestic visitors to Istanbul’s iconic Topkapı Palace according to reports but it has also divided Turkish TV viewers.

The show presents events that occurred during the reign of Süleyman the Magnificent, it has attracted the attention of domestic tourists but has also angered conservative circles who say the show misrepresents and degrades the life of the sultan.

After receiving more than 70,000 complaints when the drama first aired in January, Turkey’s Supreme Board of Radio and Television said that Show TV, the channel broadcasting the series, had wrongly exposed “the privacy of a historical person” and owed the public an apology.

It looks like regardless of what critics say, the popularity of the show keeps rising. We would love to hear from our reader regarding this series, do you watch, are you offended by it or are you not really bothered as it’s just a TV show?


2 Responses to “Magnificent Century divides Turkish TV viewers”
  1. patty says:

    to the producers of the soap opera magnificent century
    my husband made me watch an episode with him one night and now i have become a faithful fan of the series. there is only one problem….i am not turkish. i need english subtitles!!!!! i watch it during the day and when my husband comes home from work i have to watch the episode again so he can explain what is really going on since i have to guess at what the actors are saying. can any please relay the message and have english subtitles included in the show since only the first episode had them.
    thank you from a new york fan

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