New system to simplify traffic fine collection in Turkey

It’s been announced that a new system will be introduced in Turkey to allow online tracking of traffic fine payments. Traffic camera systems to prevent traffic violations have been increased in Turkish towns which have inevitably increased the number of traffic violators being caught.

Officials from the administration said 3.7 million Turkish Liras in fines have been levied against traffic offenders since 2006. But the administration has received only 1.9 million liras in that time due to difficulties and delays in collecting fines. Sometimes it takes one or two years to inform citizens that they have traffic fines to pay.

The new system will allow the Revenue Administration to inform citizens faster about their fines, so they will be able to pay their fines within a month of the infraction.

The new system will be tested at the end of this year in a pilot region that has not yet been announced and then rolled out sometime next year.

EasyMove would like to hear from our readers about their experiences with the traffic system in Turkey.


2 Responses to “New system to simplify traffic fine collection in Turkey”
  1. Colin Guest says:

    I had a speeding ticket some time ago and was very surprised when a friend informed me that by paying the fine shortly after receiving it I would get a reduction in the amount I would have to pay. I quickly went and payed the fine and was amazed and very happy to find that I was given an approx 40% discount. This system I think is not known to many expats.

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