12 new earthquake-proof hospitals for İstanbul

The earthquake in Japan has put earthquakes at the forefront of everyones’ mind which makes the announcement last Tuesday that there are plans to build 12 new earthquake-proof hospitals in İstanbul a bit spooky.

According to İstanbul’s provincial health director, the project is part of a significant investment in health services for İstanbul.

Construction will begin in Kartal, Okmeydanı and Göztepe this year for modern hospitals with over 2,000 beds each. The hospitals will be constructed on vacant lots belonging to former hospitals.

That will be followed by new constructions for the Şişli Etfal, Taksim and Haseki Training and Research Hospitals. Also the cancer centres at Okmeydanı and Kartal Training and Research Hospitals will be upgraded and new cancer centres will be established at Haydarpaşa, Ümraniye and Bağcılar hospitals.

Hospitals in İstanbul at present have a capacity of 15,000 beds, these will be increased to 20,000.

This announcement certainly comes as a relief as hospitals in Istanbul are currently not up to the required earthquake and energy efficiency standard.

The new projects also provide better facilities and more specialist units which is always good to hear.



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