Registering a birth in Turkey

There has been a few inquiries about how to register a birth in Turkey so Easy move to Turkey thought it wise to provide all the relevant information. This information regarding registering a birth in Turkey applies to British Expats only.

If your child is born in Turkey, it is not compulsory to register the birth with the local consulate but doing so ensures the child gets a British style birth certificate and the birth will be registered at the General Registry Office in the UK.

Documents parents need to provide

  • hospital birth report
  • child’s civil Turkish birth certificate (Formul A or Turkish ID card)
  • British Passport of British parent(s)
  • the FULL British birth certificate (or Home office naturalisation or registration certificate if born outside of the UK) of British parent(s)
  • the passport or ID card of non-British parent if applicable
  • parents’ marriage certificate
  • divorce decree if either parent has been married before

Applicable Fees

  • Registration £100.80
  • Birth Certificate £64.80
  • Passport for A child under 16 £81.50

Please note that all fees are payable by credit card or in cash.  Credit card payments will be charged in Sterling regardless of the country of issue.  Cash payments will be accepted in Turkish Lira only and charged at the Consular rate of exchange applicable on the day of application.


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