Draft rape law sparks debate in Turkey

A new draft law increasing punishments for sexual crimes has sparked debate on whether chemical castration for repeat rape offenders is a violation of human rights. Under the draft law, a first rape offense will be punished with a prison term, as is the case under the current law. If the offense is repeated then … Continue reading

Magnificent Century divides Turkish TV viewers

Popular Turkish soap opera Muhteşem Yüzyıl (The Magnificent Century) which recently hit the airwaves has increased the number of domestic visitors to Istanbul’s iconic Topkapı Palace according to reports but it has also divided Turkish TV viewers. The show presents events that occurred during the reign of Süleyman the Magnificent, it has attracted the attention … Continue reading

New system to simplify traffic fine collection in Turkey

It’s been announced that a new system will be introduced in Turkey to allow online tracking of traffic fine payments. Traffic camera systems to prevent traffic violations have been increased in Turkish towns which have inevitably increased the number of traffic violators being caught. Officials from the administration said 3.7 million Turkish Liras in fines … Continue reading

12 new earthquake-proof hospitals for İstanbul

The earthquake in Japan has put earthquakes at the forefront of everyones’ mind which makes the announcement last Tuesday that there are plans to build 12 new earthquake-proof hospitals in İstanbul a bit spooky. According to İstanbul’s provincial health director, the project is part of a significant investment in health services for İstanbul. Construction will … Continue reading

Turkey’s election process starts today

  Time really does fly, four years has past and it’s almost time for Turkey’s general elections once again. On the 12th of June 2011, the Millions of Turkish voters will go to ballot boxes elect their leaders. Turkey’s Supreme Board of Election (YSK) announced the official election process starts today, 14th of March. According … Continue reading