Top 10 Clubs and Bars in Bodrum


Top 10 clubs and bars in Bodrum

Official figures out yesterday shows a lot of Brits have recently become Bodrum property owners so we’ve been scouring review sites to put together the top ten pubs, clubs and bars in Bodrum so recent Expats who have moved to Bodrum don’t get bored.

  1. Demeter:  this pub has great reviews, Expats who have been here rave about the fantastic food and drink. It also has a beautiful garden setting, friendly staff and low prices.
  2. The Outback bar: this bar has been labelled one of the best in Gumbet so check it out. The Outback bar boasts friendly staff and excellent music.
  3. Zurafa Bar:  located in Akyarlar’s town centre this secluded place offers a magnificent sea view and comfortable couches. Zurafa bar opens around 2pm and closes late. The bar offers games such as dart, snooker and chess; it also has reasonable prices and friendly staff.
  4. Besa Bar: just a stone throw from Demeter, this bar/ restaurant offers excellent food at excellent prices. It also has a great atmosphere unrivalled anywhere else.
  5. Alem Bar: this is the place to go if you want to experience Turkish music at its best. It also has a good service and a very nice atmosphere.
  6. Mystery Bar (Bar Street, Gumbet): this fun pub has a karaoke bar and a night club/dance area next door. It also has friendly staff and cheap prices.
  7. Kule Bar: this rock bar has a mixture of Turkish and Western rock not to mention table service.
  8. Marina Yacht Club: The Yacht Club is open to all despite the fact that generally places like this are members only clubs. Try it for an upscale night out .(
  9. Central Bar, Gumbet: this is a lively dance hotspot and one of the most popular bars in the area. You can get drinks at the bar or have table service; this is the place to be if you are a music lover.
  10. Shamrock Bar, Gumbet: this is a place for the young and trendy.

So there you have it, the clubs and bars visitors to Bodrum are raving about, we look forward to hearing from our regular contributors with any thoughts, additions and opinions.

2 Responses to “Top 10 Clubs and Bars in Bodrum”
  1. paul easton says:

    Great guide to the pubs 🙂

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