How to apply for a Turkish Work Permit

Turkey work Permit

According to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the Turkish state annually gives work permits for nearly 10,000 workers, but it is known that there are still around 500,000 foreigners who are working without work permits since the ministry is reluctant to sanction employment for foreign workers.

So if you are not of retiring age but have a property in Turkey and are thinking of moving to Turkey and eventually working in Turkey, here are a few pointers on the process of applying for a Turkish work permit.

First you must apply for the Turkish work permit at least a month before you plan to arrive in Turkey.

You can do this with your passport, a visa application form and a letter from your employer in Turkey.

Your employer must submit other supporting documents to Turkey’s Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) within three working days after you apply for your work permit and visa. Applications are usually finalised by the MLSS within ninety days at the latest.

One month after your arrival in Turkey, you must register with the police near where you plan to live in Turkey in order to obtain the necessary residence permit.

Click here for detailed information about Turkish work permits.


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