Documents needed for getting married in Turkey


Our sister blog, Talk about Turkey did a post on Turkey’s marry mall; a place where you can get everything for your wedding including the actual ceremony. So we thought it will be a good idea to do a post on the necessary documents needed for getting married in Turkey.

Basic Documentation

  • A full birth certificate
  • A valid passport
  • A valid tourist visa to enter Turkey; this can be obtained at the port of entry in to Turkey, for a fee
  • If divorced, a Decree of Absolute
  • If widowed a spouses death certificate, previous marriage certificate
  • Written consent from your parents or guardians (if either of you are under 18 years of age).
  • If you have changed your name by Deed Poll or you were adapted, proof of this needs to be presented.

British Nationals are required to make a sworn declaration of their eligibility to marry. This procedure is carried out in Turkish so it is a good idea to employ the services of an interpreter to be present.

Also Brits need to provide a Certificate of No Impediment from their local Register Office in the UK. This takes approximately 21 days during which time the banns will be published provided there is no problems arising.  The certificate is then to be sent to British Consulate General based in Izmir, Istanbul, Antalya or Ankara so the Certificate of No Impediment can be translated into Turkish.

You will then need to apply in person to the local marriage office in Turkey, giving notice of your intention to marry. Each application costs £115 per person, which needs to be paid in Turkish Lira. Once all this is done, finally you can set a date for your wedding ceremony.

You will need two witnesses to be present during the wedding ceremony, both of whom are not immediate family members.
A religious ceremony of any denomination can be performed after a Civil Ceremony has been performed; a religious ceremony alone is not legally binding.

All people looking to get married in Turkey are required under Turkish Civil Law to have a medical examination; the medical examination will be subject to a fee, which must be paid in Turkish Lira. A blood test may also be requires depending on which region of Turkey you wish to marry.


4 Responses to “Documents needed for getting married in Turkey”
  1. Colin Guest says:

    One thing that the majority of foreigners who are married and own property here do not know is a thing called inheritance law. I unfortunately found out the hard way after I lost my wife who died of cancer. This law applies to English but other nationalities need to check to see if it applies to them also. In the event of the death of one of a couple, even though they may have made a will leaving everthing to each other, things are a little different here. Under Turkish law if there are children then they are automatically entitled to a share of the property. This means that unless the chıldren sign over their power of attorney to you, you cannot sell the property.

  2. GS says:

    Which is earliest possible date after giving notice of wishing to get married to register?
    Thanks in addition 🙂

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