Check out Camel Wrestling in Fethiye

Ever heard of Camel wrestling? I know I haven’t and if you only just moved to Turkey there is a god chance you haven’t either.

However if you are moving to Fethiye then you are in luck; you can experience camel wrestling first hand this Sunday 6th February.

To give a rough idea, Camel wrestling is just the fight  that occurs when two rutting frisky camels are brought together and a lady camel is paraded in front them. It turns outs camels can be quite feisty when a female is up for grabs.

From what I’ve heard camel wrestling is very entertaining and a great Turkish event anyone living in Turkey should experience. Also all proceeds from the fight go to a local charity.

Don’t worry if you don’t live in Fethiye, you can catch camel wrestling in other parts of Turkey between now and April. I will keep you posted with the dates and times…


2 Responses to “Check out Camel Wrestling in Fethiye”
  1. Can you let us know where in Fethiye this will be and at what time – might venture out from Kalkan to watch

    • Hi Christian,

      The event is taking place next to Karaçulha Belediye building, to get there turn left off the main road to Antalya at the Atom Oto Galeri junction corner.

      This is the third junction after the turn for Fethiye itself and the second junction after the turn to Üzümlü.

      Enjoy, please come back and tell us all about the experience

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