All you need to know about importing stuff to Turkey


Moving to sunny Turkey means inevitably you will have to get rid of some personal belongings but if after the car boot sale you still have a few things you don’t want to get rid of; then you have to import it to Turkey.

To help make importing to Turkey smooth sailing; Easy move to Turkey has gathered all the relevant information you need to know before importing your belongings to Turkey.

There are a few important points to consider when importing to Turkey;

  • First there is a tax charge of 10% on all personal imports while the tax on electrical goods is 18%.
  • Also anyone importing into Turkey needs to have a residency permit in order to take possession of their stuff.
  • Residents in Turkey benefit from a system called temporary import. This means that household goods can be imported without having to pay the normal customs duties of 10% of the total value, provided you can present a residence permit that is valid for at least one year.
  • In order to be eligible for temporary import, one has also to present the tapu or the rental agreement for the property the goods will be shipped to.
  • Bear in mind that if you have just bought a Turkey property and are moving immediately to Turkey; you can’t get the residency permit without first having a tapu – which takes at least three months to obtain.
  • Anyone importing goods to Turkey must have detailed inventory containing the brand name and serial numbers of electrical items, there must be no “packed by owner” items, owners must have their original passport which has the last entry stamp into Turkey; the the goods must arrive in Turkey 2 months before or 6 months after last entry into Turkey and finally the goods must be used.
  • Foreigners with a work contract must provide work and residence permit; letters of  applications and guarantee from employer and a financial  guarantee for customs tax (appr.%30 of total declared  depreciated value)
  • Foreigners coming to reside without work contract have to provide a residence permit, bandroll tax to be levied on tv, hifi, vcr, the title deed of their Turkey property and 18% VAT on total declared depreciated value.
  • Returning Turkish Citizens must obtain a “Permanent Return Certificate” from the Turkish Consulate in origin country. Their passport must contain all entry and departure stamps for the past 2 years, spouse’s passport if married, if bachelor, ID certificate from Registry Office Nüfus müdürlügünden  vukuatlı     nüfus kayit örnegi, bandroll  tax will be levied on tv, hifi, vcr and the owner must have stayed abroad for at least two years.
  • Foreigners coming to Turkey for the reason of marriage must provide a marriage certificate, a bandroll tax will be levied on tv, hifi, vcr and a Turkish spouse must have lived in Turkey for at least one year.
  • Returning Turkish Diplomats and Government Officers must provide an assignment letter from the relevant government office and a bandroll tax will be levied on tv, hifi, vcr.
  • Foreign Diplomats must provide a diplomatic import permit from Turkish ministry of foreign affairs, an inventory detailing the brand name and serial numbers of electrical items.

For more information, check out Turkey’s official Customs website and the website of the Turkish Economic Counsellor,



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