Turkey looking into incentives for Green cars

Following countries in Western Europe, Turkey is looking to reward drivers who chose low CO2 emission vehicles as a way of supporting the sale of environmentally friendly, low emission vehicles that use less fuel.

The UK for example has a road-tax system for CO2 emission; Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is based on 13 CO2 bands (A to M). VED band A applies to all cars with CO2 emissions of up to 100 grams per km while bands B to L apply to CO2 emissions of 100 to 255 grams per km with each band covering a range of 10-30 grams per km.

Green cars with CO2 emissions of 130 grams per km or less -VED bands A to D are exempt from road tax in the first year. Band A cars with CO2 emission up to 100 grams per km do not have to pay road tax at all.

Looking to emulate this, Turkey’s government is thinking of decreasing special consumption tax (ÖTV) or removing it completely from for cars that have a CO2 emission of 110 grams per km or less.

The government is also backing car companies like Toyota who are looking to produce electric and hybrid cars in Turkey as a way of saving the environment as well as make it healthier for all concerned.

So will the tax incentive convince drivers to go for greener cars instead of gas guzzling cars? The jury is still out.



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