Where and how to apply for new voluntary Turkish Universal Health Insurance

Recent post, ‘Expats to benefit from new voluntary Turkish Universal Health Insurance’ has understandably stirred up some interest about the costs and where to apply for it, so here’s all the relevant information.

The best way to apply for this voluntary Turkish Universal Health Insurance is to contact an insurance agent or broker who will complete the process for you for a fee – you should negotiate over this). To be honest it is the easiest way unless you can read and write Turkish as know Turkey’s insurance laws. You save a whole lot of time and money if an expert completes everything for you instead of doing it yourself.

All you need to apply is your passport and your residence book to get the paper work completed and the process but once approved payment will be required or currently 183 TL per month. The broker will go through all the figures with you and when cover commences but double all figures and ask questions if you are unsure as that is what you are paying the broker for.

For residents who are currently buying drugs for their chronic conditions the monthly fee for the scheme could easily be outweighed by the savings on buying drugs and medical check-ups. The scheme is definitely worth a second look by British Expats especially so click here to see the full benefits.


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