Expats to benefit from new voluntary Turkish Universal Health Insurance

Previous post laid out all the need to know essentials of getting Health insurance when moving to Turkey but a new Turkish government backed voluntary Universal Health Insurance scheme is also worth a good look as it could produce significant savings depending on your circumstances.

This voluntary health insurance scheme seems to have a lot of benefits for Expats, here are a few;

– Unlike private medical insurance which only covers future conditions, members under this scheme are entitled to full cover even for existing conditions. So if you have already been diagnosed with an illness you can receive drugs and medical services for treatment under the scheme.

– Treatments at state hospitals (Devlet) are free;

– A variable but significant discounted rate is offered at private hospitals;

– Only a proportion of the cost of medication for non-chronic conditions is payable under the scheme i.e. the over the counter cost is discounted.

– If the medication is for a chronic condition that medication is FREE;

– Children under 18 with eligible members are free.

The most important part of the scheme as far as Brits are concerned is that the UK does not have a reciprocal health agreement with Turkey so British Citizens can benefit from the full range of health services under the scheme.


2 Responses to “Expats to benefit from new voluntary Turkish Universal Health Insurance”
  1. Rob says:

    how can I apply for this? What are the costs?

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