New ski resort to keep Fethiye residents occupied during winter

Let’s face it; most people who move to Turkey, do so because of the weather. But it can’t be sunny 365 days a year, it is currently winter in Turkey so although you can’t sunbathe, you can take up a winter sport like skiing.

Turkey has a number of high quality but affordable skiing resorts; this has started a new trend where people are abandoning the Alps to sample skiing in Turkey.

For Expats who live in Fethiye, a new ski resort called the Seki Ski Resort has just opened, located in Seki, near Fethiye this brand new ski resort is just what is needed to keep residents occupied until the sun comes out again.

At 2780 metres above sea level on the mountain of Erendagi, which is part of the mountain range called Toroslar, the ski resort is at just 1920 metres above Seki.

The resort has three slopes; one for skiing and two for snowboarding. It also has experienced instructors available to give lessons to that need it as well as a cable car available to take skiers to the height of the slopes.

There is a hotel, a hire shop for equipment and a restaurant which seats about 100 customers. The resort also boasts a brand new ground station with a welcoming café, medical centre and ticket office.

Winters in Fethiye tend to be mild anyway but if you are a skier with a Fethiye property, the Seki Ski Resort is worth checking out.

Seki Village is 45 miles from Fethiye and an hour and hour drive from Dalaman airport which has frequent flights from UK.


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