Boza anyone?

Winter has finally arrived in Turkey, yes even for its usually hot climate, it does snow. Granted the temperatures do not drop as low as it does in the UK, but it does get cold this time of year and having a glass of boza, Turkey’s version of egg nog will warm you right up.

Boza is a thick, fermented, malted beverage which takes four hours to prepare. First the malt ingredients are boiled in water, and then the wheat mush is formed into the shape of corn bread. It is mixed with water again and then re-filtered, after one final extraction, the boza is ready.

Boza served in classic water glasses topped with cinnamon and roasted chickpeas can be found in Istanbul’s historic Fatih district; boza has health benefits, it contains vitamins A1, D1 and four versions of vitamin E which is very beneficial for the heart so it’s not just for getting wasted during the festive season.

So if you are in Istanbul this Christmas, try and have a typical Turkish celebration with a glass of boza or better still get a whole bottle which is expected to last up to 15days.



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