Turkey gets online health tracking system


Introduced by a Health services company called Tekimed, the new system called Mymediks can only mean good things not just for Turkish citizens but also for Expats.

A first of its kind in Turkey, the new online systems continually tracks tests, medical analysis, treatment plans, required medicines, doctor visits and other important information about chronic diseases.

The system makes stored information available 24 hours a day so that health experts can be more confident in their decisions and prepare more effective treatment and maintenance choices for patients.

Turks die from chronic diseases than any other ailments so being able to track all aspects of the development and treatment of such diseases can be very beneficial and for Expats, this new system makes it easier for their health insurance companies to track the progress of a medical condition not to mention specialist flown in to deal with a medical condition will be able to get all medical records within 24 hours thanks to Mymediks.

The system also helps decrease medical errors and loss of medical and test results so Mymediks is definitely going to save lives and revolutionise the Turkish health sector.



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