Turkish Bank goes blind friendly

As the saying goes, it takes only one to start a revolution so even though just one bank has started this trend; it is bound to catch on soon.

Turkish bank Yapı Kredi announced yesterday, it plans to help visually impaired customers access the bank’s ATMs.

Known as the “Abled ATM” project, it is the world’s first project to help visually impaired people access ATMs; the first Abled ATM was opened on the Asian side of Istanbul yesterday.

The Abled ATM support uses a sound system accessed by headphones and includes an application that enables users to have their account balances hidden from view. A further security measure ejects the bank card when the headphones are removed from the machine.

Yapı Kredi also distributed 50 special point of sale machines, namely “Abled POS,” to provide the same customers easy access to point of sale shopping through automated audio support.

There are 8.5 million disabled people in Turkey, and it looks like Turkey’s finally taking notice. According to Yapi Kredi Bank’s Deputy General Manager of Alternative Distribution Yakup Dog; hearing impaired customers generally prefer to use online banking systems rather than visiting a bank branch, so a system facilitating the use of online banking by the hearing impaired was being developed and the system could also support the visually impaired.

The project of making Turkish banks disability friendly is a working progress, might take time but it looks like at least one bank is committed to the cause. There are 16,000 ATM’s in Turkey, all of which will be replaced with disabled-friendly ones in the near future.




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