Am I the only gay in Turkey?

Turkey gay parade

Being a predominantly Muslim country, most gay people are not sure what to make of the lifestyle in Turkey. Surprisingly there is a vibrant gay scene, so when you move to Turkey, you will not be the only gay there. Istanbul leads the charge with over 20 bars and clubs plus various other venues such as cinemas and Turkish baths.

Gay bars in Istanbul have been used to shoot pop videos and celebrities can often be spotted there; you know what they say, get the gays and the rest will follow. Getting a gay following always guarantees stardom

The Turkish media focuses mainly on gay bashings and usually show murdered homosexuals and transgenders on TV. That is enough to put the fear of God in anyone but it is not all bad, as long as nothing indecent is done in public view you can enjoy being gay in Turkey without having trouble with the law.

Like the UK, Turkey has Gays Pride Week and other Gay organisation that protect the rights of gay people; to start you off here’s a quick guide to 7 top gay bars in Turkey, they are all in Istanbul but hey, that’s still Turkey right?

1. Gay Cafe Bar Istanbul

Popular Cafe Bar and Restaurant; this is the starting point of gay night life of Istanbul, centrally located in Taksim, Istanbul. Visit their website for more information, location map and contact information.

2. BARBAHCE 3:00 – 04:00

A popular and senior gay club which provides an upper scale atmosphere. Good music, safe people and neighborhood.
Address: Siraselviler Caddesi, Soganci Sokak, No:7 / 1, Cihangir – Beyoglu. Closed on Mondays; it is closer to Taksim Ilk Yardim Hastanesi (State hospital)

3. EKOO BAR (22:00-04:00) (Ex Hans Bar, busy between 23:30-04:00)

Address: Tarlabasi Bulvari No: 248 Beyoglu. It is on Tarlabasi Bulvari (Tarlabasi Avenue) closer to Euro Plaza Hotel on the same side of the street.  A more local and relaxed atmosphere, you can find mix ages and various types of gay men, bears, bear lovers and few queens as well as gay tourists are regular attendants.


Opens between 23:00-04:00, until 07:00 am on Friday and Saturday nights)

Address: Istiklal Caddesi No: 114 Beyoglu. This club is the meeting place for Turkish bears and older gay men, although it also welcomes younger gay men. It is a spacious and well decorated venue, with very friendly staff. Music is mix of latest European hits but more Turkish Pop.

5. CLUB 17

Open: 23:00-05:00
Address: Istiklal Caddesi, Zambak Sokak No: 17 (Near French Consulate)
Mainly young gay-hustlers and some gay men who would be interested in them.


(23:30-04:00) (r-B)

Address: Istiklal Caddesi, Sadri Alısık Sokak, Beyoglu.
Mainly rent boys and hustlers and those who are interested in them. Underground music.



ADDRESS: Istiklal Cad. Sadri Alisik Sk. NO: 40 Taksim/Beyoglu.

Although it is a “trans club”; it is more piled up with rough ghetto boys who love them. These attract some gay men who like such boys.  It’s a 4-5 storey building usually full of on Saturday nights. It might be very interesting just to see but watch your wallet in there.

Anyone with information about gay clubs in other parts of Turkey should get in touch.

5 Responses to “Am I the only gay in Turkey?”
  1. TRKN says:

    why should you be the only one? 🙂

  2. Ahmed says:

    I will be in Istanbul 20 april for some days. I need gay tour guide during my stay in istanbul.
    Can you please arange for that.

  3. Ahmed says:


    I will be in Istanbul 20 april for some days. I need gay tour guide during my stay in istanbul.
    Can you please arange for that.

  4. Umar says:

    I think Turkey will be the first muslim country which will legalize homosexuality.Please legalize it in Pakistan.

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