Expats to benefit from new voluntary Turkish Universal Health Insurance

Previous post laid out all the need to know essentials of getting Health insurance when moving to Turkey but a new Turkish government backed voluntary Universal Health Insurance scheme is also worth a good look as it could produce significant savings depending on your circumstances. This voluntary health insurance scheme seems to have a lot of benefits … Continue reading

New ski resort to keep Fethiye residents occupied during winter

Let’s face it; most people who move to Turkey, do so because of the weather. But it can’t be sunny 365 days a year, it is currently winter in Turkey so although you can’t sunbathe, you can take up a winter sport like skiing. Turkey has a number of high quality but affordable skiing resorts; … Continue reading

Boza anyone?

Winter has finally arrived in Turkey, yes even for its usually hot climate, it does snow. Granted the temperatures do not drop as low as it does in the UK, but it does get cold this time of year and having a glass of boza, Turkey’s version of egg nog will warm you right up. … Continue reading

Turkey gets online health tracking system

  Introduced by a Health services company called Tekimed, the new system called Mymediks can only mean good things not just for Turkish citizens but also for Expats. A first of its kind in Turkey, the new online systems continually tracks tests, medical analysis, treatment plans, required medicines, doctor visits and other important information about … Continue reading

Big Brother comes to Bodrum

Security in Turkey tourist destinations have never been an issue, resort locations are generally safe as most people are usually there to have a good time. Some people may still want to know about how safe the neighbourhood they are moving to is, so Expats moving to Altinkum can rest easy as there are plans … Continue reading