Changes to Turkey’s property laws for foreign investors

Foreigners buying Turkey properties have always complained about the red tape involved; most Brits are put off as the whole process allows some conmen to get away with fleecing foreigners. A new proposal for reforming the rules regarding foreigners buying Turkish lands comes as a relief.

The new draft relaxes the current rules meaning when turned into law, almost all foreign nationals will be able to buy land in Turkey.

It cancels the limit usage rights of foreigners regarding property they purchased in Turkey and reduces the amount of time it takes for the General Staff to give the all clear when it comes to national security concerns.

Under the new proposals the General Staff will prepare a map showing which lands cannot be sold due to national security concerns. Until such a map is prepared, military authorities will have to respond to requests to buy property adjacent to military zones in one month at most. Now that is a relief as currently it could take up to 12 months costing foreign investors’ money and time.

The draft also has a bizarre clause which bans Greek and Israeli nationals from buying Turkish lands whiles giving citizens of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arab nations almost limitless right to purchase Turkish lands, now where’s the justice in that?

Anyhow, it’s not all bad; Greek and Israeli nationals may not be able to move to Turkey permanently but at least they can still enjoy luxury villa holidays in Turkey. My advice is to do it now before that is banned too.



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