Say hello to the neighbours

Moving to Turkey can be nothing but exciting, with the sun, sea and affordable lifestyle what else can an Expat want? Have you thought about the neighbours?

Unless you are moving to a location populated by Brits; …but why would you want that, you just left the UK, then your neighbours are bound to be Turkish because it’s their country and Russian- well because let’s face it, they are running from the cold weather just like you.

So what can you expect from your Turkish and Russian neighbours? I would imagine a lot but the one that stands out for me is the Russian, Turkish brides cook off in Antalya.

I mean I get why Turkish brides will want to get one over Russian brides considering they keep poaching their men but the contest is all in good faith as part of a weeklong International Friendship Festival organised by the Antalya Municipality, the Ukraine Association of Family and the Russia-Turkey Friendship and Culture Association.

Russian brides will try to cook kısır, a traditional Turkish cold bulgur salad, while Turkish brides will try to cook Russian salad. Shame Brits aren’t invited to the party but you could always crash the party with a fine dish of fish and chips; also it will be a nice way to introduce yourself to your new neighbours when you move to Turkey.



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