10 Things to Do Before Moving to Turkey

Moving abroad is an exciting time but can get a bit overwhelming; for those of you joining thousands of Brits on the mass emigration to Turkey, there are a million and one things to do but the question is always where to start.

I’ve compiled a to- do list to help people with their move to Turkey, the key is to prioritise and get the important things done first. Sometimes the excitement of moving to the sun filled destination and living in that dream Turkey property can get people distracted. This to-do list will make sure that by moving day, you are ready to board the plane with nothing hanging over your head.

1. Find a job: unless you are a retired expat living off a pension or wealthy, you’ll have to find a job before moving to Turkey. Good news is Turkey’s economy keeps growing so there are jobs for everyone. It’s always a good idea to check out job listings before making a move, because the language barrier might mean taking a job in a field different from the one you are used to.

2. Sort out living arrangements: most Expats buy Turkey properties before moving but there are rental properties available as well. Find out the price, whether it is furnished or not, if you have to share with roommates before making the move. There is nothing worse than getting to your dream destination and having nowhere to lay your head.

3.  Learn a few words of Turkish: You don’t have to know much, but buy a phrase book and get acquitted with the basics like please, thank you, yes, how much and my name is.

4. Register with the British Consulate: this is a safety measure in case anything happens. The British Consul in Turkey recently admitted she had no idea how many Brits lived in Turkey but registering with the consulate means you can seek advice and help if and when needed.

5. Decide what to do with your stuff:  we all get attached to personal belongings but we can’t take them with us if we are moving to a different country. Best thing is to separate the valuables and essentials that cannot be left behind and either sell the rest or gift them to family members.

6. Talk to your bank: let your UK bank know that you’re moving overseas and give them your new address (if you have it). Make sure they know you’re going abroad because if you start using a credit card in Turkey, the bank may think the card has been stolen and cut you off. Also find out if and how you can make international money transfers. (Many credit unions, for example, don’t accept or allow international transfers.) Write down what to do if your credit/debit cards are stolen

7. Forward your mail: if you know your address in Turkey, you can have your mail forwarded for you. The Royal mail have a mail redirection and forwarding services for up to two years and it only costs a few pounds.

8. Make photocopies of your important documents: documents like passport, birth certificate, marriage license and medical records should be photocopied. Put a set of photocopies in a large envelope, seal it and give it to someone you trust for safekeeping. Put another set in another envelope that you will take to Turkey with you. You may also want to scan images of your important documents and save it to an online database, such as Google Documents.

9. Find cheap ways to keep in touch with UK friends:  got a computer? Then you have Windows messenger and Skype as a way of making free calls. You can also take your UK mobile with you but it will cost a fortune in calls so unlock the phone and put a Turkish Sim card in it. But really the best way to save money is to make calls over the internet.

10. Take charge of your health: make sure you have health insurance in case of any emergency. But also make sure you are prepared health wise, get all your annual health visits done, get an extra pair of glasses or contacts and have your eye doctor write down your prescription too.



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