Turkey Vehicle Visa- online appointment system up and running

Most forums about moving to Turkey have daunting stories about rules involving vehicles. They report problems of queuing or being turned away, not to mention monies spent.

It is therefore great news to hear that people who need to obtain a new Turkish vehicle visa (MOT) can now do just that with the new online appointment system. That’s right; it means no more waiting around in long queues or getting up at the crack of dawn. As long as you have an appointment, the vehicle visa test, Turkey’s answer to MOT will done for you.

Initially vehicle visa test stations worked on a first come first served system which led to long queues, long waits and some drivers even being turned away. But thanks to the introduction of the new online appointment system, the days of waiting over; you just have to brush up on your Turkish as the system is in Turkish.

For cars, motor bikes and scooters the test is due 3 years after the first registration date then every 2 years after that whiles vans and van derived cars such as Fiat Doblo, Citroen Berlingo and Ford Tourneo need the test one year after first registration and then every year after that. Also vehicle owners have to make sure they don’t have any tax or fines outstanding.

Needed paperwork for the vehicle visa test include;

-Traffic registration documents
-Traffic Form (The other small form where the visa is noted)
-Valid Third Party insurance certificate (trafik Sigortasi)

-Emissions testing stamp if applicable to your vehicle.

For those who have gone through the agony of having these tests done before, will be thanking heavens for the new system and for people moving to Turkey it is a relief they missed the old system.

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