Importing Cars from UK to Turkey

Moving to sunny Turkey means inevitably you will have to get rid of some personal belongings but what happens to expensive stuff like your car? If you are attached to your car and refuse to leave it behind, how do you go about taking it with you? Unlike small items you can pack and take with you, taking your car with you when moving to Turkey is a whole new dilemma. It raises questions about what has to be done and more importantly how much it will cost.

Here’s some essential information on the matter to make process easier; first you have to fall under one of the categories below to be able to import a car into Turkey. There’s no wiggle room so if you do not fall under any of the categories, your best option will be to buy a car in Turkey.


Even if you fall into the above categories, the process doesn’t end there; all imported vehicles can stay in Turkey for only six months per year, this means after 6 months you have to take the car abroad and bring it back again. This loop hole can only be used twice.

Also imported cars cannot be sold, lent or rented to anyone else in Turkey; only officially registered persons like the owner and his immediate family members are allowed to drive it.

Pensioners and those who are retired because of a disability get some exemptions on the above rule; they can keep their cars in the country for one year but they will have to present documentation to prove their condition.

Importing a vehicle involves quite a bit of paper work which must all be translated into Turkish before submitted to the right authorities. You will have to prove the car’s ownership and that the insurance policy is valid in Turkey and fully covers the car and driver for the duration of their stay in Turkey.

Importing a car from the UK to Turkey can be a hassle sometimes so for those who hold a work visa or a visa to carry out research it might be easier to purchase a Turkish car or acquire Turkish license plates. More information on this can be found at


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