Can I take my pets to Turkey?

After years of planning, you are finally about to move to Turkey, that Antalya villa you have dreamt of all your life is a reality. But hold on, there’s one tiny issue that needs sorting, will you be able to take your beloved pets with you?

As far as you are concerned the dream involves them too, you bought an Antalya villa with a big backyard for them to roam freely. So what are the rules regarding pets when moving to Turkey? Good news, you can take pets as long as you have;

  • A pet passport also called pet identification card; it usually costs about £250.
  • Local vet documents and a statement from an accredited veterinarian that states your pet is at least 3 months old
  • A rabies vaccination certificate from an accredited veterinarian, issued not later than 15 days prior to entry.
  • An International Certificate of Health issued not later than 15 days prior to entry.
  • Once you have the required documentation, you can take one cat, one bird, one dog and ten aquarium fish to live in Turkey with you.

I use the term pet loosely here because if you have exotic pets then you would require a special importation certificate from the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture, which could come with certain conditions.

Phew crises averted, now that the move to Turkey is back on, you can start planning what to do with your beautiful Antalya villa


One Response to “Can I take my pets to Turkey?”
  1. GAdamSon says:

    Hi Guys,

    If you can prove that your pets have the necessary vaccination and health certificates, then indeed your can bring them into Turkey. The veterinary health certificate must be no more than ten days old on departure from your home country. Rabies vaccinations must have been administered no more than six months ago, and no less than 15 days before departure from your home country. As long as you personally accompany your pets, your documents will not need to be notarised.

    An individual may bring a maximum of one dog, one cat, one bird or 10 aquarium fish.

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